Pete Mackanin Contract; Reusing an Old Photoshop

Pete Mackanin Contract; Reusing an Old Photoshop

I, like many other vocal Phillies fans on the internet, don’t know how to feel about Pete Mackanin’s new contract. If you haven’t heard, Mackanin has signed a two-year contract though 2018, and has a club option for 2019. Here is the official Phillies twitter announcing the news.

Is Mackanin the manager who can bring the Phillies to another World Series? I don’t know, but I would lean heavily towards no. He is being treated like a manager who is imperative to developing the youth, but I’m not even sure if he does that well. I’m not too sure if Mackanin brings anything special to the table, but clearly the Phillies like him for the time being.

Mackanin is a middle ground manager for the Phillies. He was conveniently here when Ryne Sandberg decided that coaching was too hard. He is basically the baseball version of that girl you meet on the rebound, propose to, and then decide that you need someone who is less about player development and more about good management. Most dudes want a chick who excels at managing her players, if you know what I mean. And, if you know what I mean, please let me know because I have no idea what I am saying anymore.

The short version of my indecisive opinion on Mackanin is that he is a decent short term manager, but I don’t think he should be here long term. I am surprised that he is getting an additional two years, but I’m not too upset about it. I assumed he would be gone after this season, but stability is always good for a young team.

Two years lines up well with our rebuilding schedule, and at that point the Phillies should be looking for a new manager. If anyone from the front office is reading this, I would be a great fit. I know almost nothing about managing a real team, but I am pretty good at MLB the show 17, and by pretty good, I mean I’m just okay. Attached, please find my resume and headshot.


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