The Phillies Learned to do Baseball Good

The Phillies Learned to do Baseball Good

An entire week went by without a new Phillie Phan Addict blog post. I know it was hard to deal with, but I was busy getting ready for my sister’s wedding. Congratulations Amy and Josh! (This is really just a test to see if my sister reads these posts.)

Looking back, I didn’t actually do much to get ready for the wedding and I’m sure I could have squeezed in a post or two, but it was a good chance to escape from watching mediocre baseball. The Phillies were really bad in May, but they have started to change the tone in June. That is, of course, until I publish this blog. It seems like the Phillies are punishing me for writing about them because as soon as I stop; they win four games in a row.

That’s right! Four games in a row! It started on Saturday against the San Francisco Giants. I wasn’t able to watch this game due to my sister wedding, but I did what any good brother/Phillies fan would do and checked the score constantly.

The next win came on Sunday against the Giants with a final score of 9-7. I watched half of this in a very hungover state, but I remember it being a fun game to watch. This was the game that started to get Odubel Herrera going.

Monday, June 5th, marked the third win in a row. This one came against the Atlanta Braves with a final score of 11-4.

Last night’s game came with a final score of 3-1 and left the Phillies on a four-game win streak. I’ll be honest, I haven’t been paying much attention to the games. Honestly, I’m usually editing a video project for a class, or just scrolling on Twitter. That is going to change tonight. I’ going to get my head back in the game and get ready to watch baseball.

I’m almost positive that this mentality will change as soon as the Phillies start to lose again, but for now, I’ll be watching closely as they are showing promise against other awful teams.

The wins weren’t the only thing that came in this past week. Yesterday, Mike Schmidt was quoted as saying something pretty controversial. He was discussing the difficulty of building a team around Odubel Herrera because of the language barrier between the locker room.

Here are my thoughts.

I don’t think Schmidt meant anything by the quote. If you took the quote out of context it seemed much worse. Now, I don’t agree with Schmidt at all. I am going to cover this in a separate post, but I think Schmidt was trying too hard to analyze something that isn’t really important.

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